Saturday, January 29, 2011

it's apparently a free-for-all...according to ME!

did you order that? did you pay for that? did you want to save that for later?


because IT ISN'T FUCKING YOURS!!!!!!!

what went through your dick hole of a mind to rationalize eating MY food that I paid for?

"oh, if she notices i'll just say that i'll get her back tom..."

remember when i said that excuses are totally fucking lame? yea, that goes for pretty much everything and anything.

i don't want you to GET me back tom! you are obviously too fucking lazy to get your own shit!

i know who you are and this is how i describe people like you to my friends that don't suck like you do:

"they don't care about anyone else's shit and fuck with everyone else's shit whenever they want to and never feel bad about doing it. but then when their shit gets fucked with, they through a fucking fit and won't shut the hell up about it."

anyone have a friend like this? of course you do. tell them off whenever possible because they deserve it.

fucking douchebags!

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