Thursday, January 27, 2011

i just can't

a blizzard dumped itself onto new york city last night and i still saw girls wearing only leggings!

1am, leaving amsterdam billiards near union square, desperately trying to keep my balance and getting pelted in the face with snow........i was not expecting to see lighting and then hear thunder.....scared the shit out of me! that is NOT NORMAL!

do i have to keep repeating myself ladies? i am appalled at what i witnessed on the L train union square platform last night on my way home: a girl in a short dress with a tiny coat and heels and NO, i repeat NO stockings of any kind! and this is when the snow storm had been in full effect for about 4 hours! where did she come from? where is she going? had she not been outside at all recently? a couple of guys that walked by her pointed and said, "ha, that sucks!". indeed it does suck for her, but i had absolutely no compassion for her whatsoever! idiot! but of course, she was the ultimate dumb girl for the night since she wasn't the only one i saw on the train without any form of bottom on.

when will they learn?

1 comment:

  1. haha! what a moron. i hope she got frost bite in her cooch.