Friday, January 28, 2011

i'm pretending to listen

it bothers me when someone acknowledges what you've said to them, but then totally disregards it merely seconds later. almost like saying,"yea, i totally hear ya, but i don't give shit, so i'm just going to do whatever the hell i want.". what bothers me even more than that is after you confront the person about that very thing, they cop out and call you crazy or a bitch because they definitely did hear you the 1st time! are you kidding me with that shit?! when i say something to you and you respond with uh-huh or yea or you nod immediately after i speak to you then that means to me that you heard what i said. don't try to turn it onto me that it's MY fault that YOU were not LISTENING! it's so fucking frustrating and rude! get over yourself all ready!

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