Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i don't know how i feel about jealousy

raging jealousy is definitely not a cute trait to have.

it can cause all sorts of problems that never should have become problems to begin with. fighting to fight.

a little bit of jealousy is kinda sweet.

she/he is MINE!


when it gets to the point where the person tries to tell you that you can't hang out with who you want to.....that's where i draw the line!

then the trust argument arises......don't you trust me? i DO trust YOU but, i don't trust them? what kind of shit is that?

i understand if you had someone hurt you in the past...i get it. i've been there and done that(regrettably).

it's so freaking hard to let go of the past sometimes that we tend to take it out on our new person.

this happened to me, so i'm letting you know what i went through, because now i have this fear of it occurring all over again.

i know it's scary. pain sucks. especially when the person looking right back at you is a total fucking liar.