Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i don't know how i feel about jealousy

raging jealousy is definitely not a cute trait to have.

it can cause all sorts of problems that never should have become problems to begin with. fighting to fight.

a little bit of jealousy is kinda sweet.

she/he is MINE!


when it gets to the point where the person tries to tell you that you can't hang out with who you want to.....that's where i draw the line!

then the trust argument arises......don't you trust me? i DO trust YOU but, i don't trust them? what kind of shit is that?

i understand if you had someone hurt you in the past...i get it. i've been there and done that(regrettably).

it's so freaking hard to let go of the past sometimes that we tend to take it out on our new person.

this happened to me, so i'm letting you know what i went through, because now i have this fear of it occurring all over again.

i know it's scary. pain sucks. especially when the person looking right back at you is a total fucking liar.

Friday, February 18, 2011

i hate liars

CRY WOLF......go ahead and be a total asshole and blatanly lie to me. see where it will get you.
i don't care about your bullshit anymore. one too many times have you put me and others through this and it has got to stop! no one is benefiting from your lies. especially when it's an obvious one at that.

what really gets my goat is trying to make it seem like your problems are my fault.

you know what you can do when it comes to that? FUCK YOURSELF!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what are you looking at?

how come every time i walk into a coffee shop, every single person in there turns to the door and stares?

and i mean, immediately once i step through the door there are 10 pairs of eyeballs that are compelled to look up and over at me!

are you there waiting for someone and that's why you're checking to make sure you don't miss them coming in? as if that would matter, since i'm sure they are capable of finding you you fucking retard!

it's the weirdest thing and i don't like it.

what's wrong with these people? it's like walking into the twilight zone of coffee shops, given that every one of them is guilty of this creep factor.

mind your own god-damned business!

i just want my coffee!

Monday, January 31, 2011


pretty much everything about having to take mass transit in any city comes with having to deal with the most idiotic people on the face of the earth.

no one pays any attention to their surroundings. i was not aware that when i paid my two dollars and fifty cents(makes more of a stance when you write the digits out) and went through the turnstile that i also paid to be treated like i don't fucking exist!

i started to compile a list awhile back of the things that irk my tator about the subway and i will share some of them with you now:

1. sitting on the stairs-they are called stairs not chairs for a reason you moron! people need to go up and down them to get to the train or street and don't give me a dirty look because i want to use the stairs for the correct reason. jerk.

2. holding the train doors-it's true when you hear the announcement that doing this delays the train you are desperately trying to get onto and the trains behind it. where do have to go that you have to jeopardize shit loads of people and make THEM late, because YOU are obviously running late? i don't know how many times i have laughed watching some dumbass get their bag or purse stuck in the door trying to do that shit. they act like it's the LAST train ever! especially for the L train, there is usually one that comes merely 1 minute later. patience is definitely a virtue that is pretty much non-existent among new yorkers these days.

3. not allowing passengers to exit the train before entering-this is a BIG pet peeve of mine! another example of impatience. i gotta get a seat! hey, ass-munch! you can wait 2 fucking seconds and not ram your dumb body into mine just so you can park your fat-fuck of a face in a seat!

4. running-yes, this actually happens! i should technically call this one teenagers, since they are generally causes most of the dumb bullshit we have to deal with on a daily basis that sucks balls and is totally unnecessary. their is barely enough room on the platforms and it scares the shit out of me when some idiot is running around near the edge.

5. taking up seat space with your bags-did your piece of shit bags also pay a fare to take up that seat? move your shit, so other people can sit down! i despise these people! they are selfish and full of themselves. gross.

I have tons of these that I wrote on a napkin one night when I was just fed up with assholes on the train. There should be a NO TOLERANCE for stupidity when riding the subway!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

it's apparently a free-for-all...according to ME!

did you order that? did you pay for that? did you want to save that for later?


because IT ISN'T FUCKING YOURS!!!!!!!

what went through your dick hole of a mind to rationalize eating MY food that I paid for?

"oh, if she notices i'll just say that i'll get her back tom..."

remember when i said that excuses are totally fucking lame? yea, that goes for pretty much everything and anything.

i don't want you to GET me back tom! you are obviously too fucking lazy to get your own shit!

i know who you are and this is how i describe people like you to my friends that don't suck like you do:

"they don't care about anyone else's shit and fuck with everyone else's shit whenever they want to and never feel bad about doing it. but then when their shit gets fucked with, they through a fucking fit and won't shut the hell up about it."

anyone have a friend like this? of course you do. tell them off whenever possible because they deserve it.

fucking douchebags!

Friday, January 28, 2011

excuses are totally lame

don't ever take responsibility for your actions.

that would be the adult way to handle the situation.

use whatever excuse you can muster to get out of having to be an honest human being.

it's super easy to place blame on somebody else and make them feel like a total asshole, so that YOU don't have to feel like one, which YOU ARE!

you are lame and so are your fucking excuses!

so there!

i'm pretending to listen

it bothers me when someone acknowledges what you've said to them, but then totally disregards it merely seconds later. almost like saying,"yea, i totally hear ya, but i don't give shit, so i'm just going to do whatever the hell i want.". what bothers me even more than that is after you confront the person about that very thing, they cop out and call you crazy or a bitch because they definitely did hear you the 1st time! are you kidding me with that shit?! when i say something to you and you respond with uh-huh or yea or you nod immediately after i speak to you then that means to me that you heard what i said. don't try to turn it onto me that it's MY fault that YOU were not LISTENING! it's so fucking frustrating and rude! get over yourself all ready!